About Belle's Club

Belle's Club Amsterdam is an Amsterdam based t-shirt label for strong, self-confident women. The ones with a free spirit.

An example of such a woman was Belle van Zuylen, an 18th century Dutch writer and composer. And a feminist avant la lettre. She once declined a marriage proposal with the famous words "I don't have any talent for subordination" because as a married woman she wasn't allowed to write or compose. By donating €2,50 for every purchased t-shirt, Belle's Club and Mama Cash fund work together towards a more fair world for women and girls. 

Our quest for the ultimate white and black t-shirt -with the perfect arm length, the perfect neckline and the perfect fit- that was consciously made, was taking too long. Therefore we decided to do it ourselves. A Belle's Club tee is made of recycled textiles (70 percent recycled cotton and 30 percent recycled polyester).

Wearing a Belle's Club tee is making a statement without wearing a statement tee.



Psssst. Read more about our conscious values here.