Conscious is the new cool

We didn't start our tee club to be the next t-shirt label in a flooded fashion industry. We started with the idea of making a difference and doing everything right in the fashion chain. Making a statement. In short: making a conscious decision with every step we take.

Green, greener, greenest
Our t-shirts are made of 100% recycled pre-consumer waste textile. We chose for hangtags and packaging made of 100% recycled paper. We don't use plastic and we chose a green delivery company that works mostly with cyclists and tries to avoid the use of cars. However, if they are obliged to use cars, they drive using green gas.

The makers
You should also know that our t-shirts are made in a BSCI-certified factory in Coimbattoire (India) whose 95 percent of energy is derived from wind power. The Indian employees have work contracts, are on payroll and are paid monthly. Working hours are less than the local average – 10 hours per day. Overtime is paid for and not compulsory. Salaries are higher than average in the region. Our production partner also covers social expenses and light food. Transportation is provided, as well as accommodation, when necessary. No under-age workers are permitted. Half of the employees are from the nearby villages.